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Greenville, North Carolina — Hilton Greenville Host Innovation Early College High School Sophomore Skill Development Event.

December 10, 2023


On December 4, 2023, 53 sophomores from Innovation Early College High School attended an etiquette luncheon sponsored by Hilton Greenville, ECU Health, and Still Serving, Inc. The event focused on developing essential soft skills, emphasizing best practices for formal dining.

"This marks our third successful year of raising funds and collaborating with generous partners dedicated to empowering students in low-income communities. These efforts aim to break the poverty cycle through positive skill development. The Innovation Early College High School Community Board of Advisors has played a crucial role in creating opportunities for IECHS students and enhancing community engagement. We've produced a brief video that I hope people will watch and share within their networks. Together, we can strive to break the global poverty cycle," remarked Mario P. Fields, Founder and President of Still Serving, Inc.

Fields emphasized Still Serving, Inc.'s mission to foster positive skill development in students from low-income communities, breaking the poverty cycle. The organization's fundraising and contributions exemplify their commitment to this cause. Proud of volunteers and grateful donors witnessing the impact, Fields expressed appreciation. The event, valued at over $3,000, brought profound gratitude from students. The global commitment to breaking the poverty cycle remains steadfast, and heartfelt thanks go out to our donors and partners—THANK YOU!

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