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Greenville, North Carolina — Partnered school principal earns Pitt County Schools Principal of the Year.

November 18, 2023

During an awards banquet held in October 2023, resilient and dedicated Principal of Innovation Early College High School, Dr. Jennifer James, was awarded Pitt County Schools Principal of the Year. Despite acknowledging the odds stacked against her success, Dr. James, who has led the school since its opening in 2018, shared her journey of resilience at the Rock Springs Center. This recognition not only highlights her transformative leadership but also serves as an inspiring story of dedication in the face of challenges.

"We are proud of Dr. James' most recent recognition and feel it is well deserved. Since our collaborative partnership began over five years ago, I have personally witnessed the results of her passion for creating opportunities for hundreds of students in Pitt County who need people who care about their future. I believe our organization would not be as successful as it is today without passionate educators like Dr. James. I believe together, we will continue to break the cycle of poverty through positive student development, remarked Mario P. Fields, the Founder and President of Still Serving, Inc.

Fields expanded on the mission of Still Serving, Inc., explaining, "Our main focus is to elevate positive skill development in students from low-income communities to break the cycle of poverty. Our fundraising initiatives and contributions demonstrate our steadfast commitment to our mission, vision, and core values. We are committed to breaking the poverty cycle on a global level."

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