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Still Serving, Inc. was founded by Sergeant Major (Ret.) Mario P. Fields on August 7, 2018. With strong support from his wife, Nicole Fields, and driven by his passion for service and belief in positive global change, he focuses on fostering positive development in students from low-income communities. Mario is a multifaceted individual who, apart from being a military veteran, has also carved out a space as a social media content creator and podcaster. He actively engages with audiences across various platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and his Unarmored Talk Podcast. His dedication extends to concrete actions aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty around the world. He is committed to taking tangible actions for lasting and meaningful change worldwide.

Our Mission

Help students in low-income communities break the cycle of poverty through skill development.

Our Vision

Empower students to break the global cycle of poverty.


Our Values

We value volunteers, donors, and partners. With your support, we fund student skill development events and scholarship opportunities.

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